Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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The project of the Navarro Institute of technology and agricultural infrastructure (INTIA), "Advanced GIS tools for aid to decision-making for sustainable management of crops" has won the "Award Foundation group Siro research agri-food".

The Fundación Grupo Siro has communicated the decision of the jury of the "do Premio Fundación Grupo Siro to food research? in its 1st Edition. The ruling has distinguished the Navarro Institute of technology and project infrastructure agro-alimentary (INTIA), "Advanced GIS tools for aid to decision-making for sustainable management of crops", directed by Ana Pilar Armesto.

The runner-up for Castilla y León has corresponded to the work of the Institute for Genomics, and functional biology of Salamanca, entitled "new yeast, cereals and bakery products" and directed by Mercedes Tamame.

The jury has unveiled the failure during the Symposium on agro-food research which the Fundación Grupo Siro held in I + DEA, Siro group r & d Center, with the aim that the candidates had the opportunity to present and defend their projects before jury.

A total of 13 works, all of high quality and of different origin, regional, national and international, have attended this I Prize, aimed at innovation and technological application of agricultural developments intended for the production of cereals and, in particular, to the wheat value chain.

The event, a workshop essentially scientific work, has gathered more than 70 people from the main technological centers and Spanish universities which, together with representatives of the Administration, sectoral business organisations, industry-leading companies and organizations of agricultural producers, have been able to share experiences and knowledge on the agri-food sector, from the perspective of applied research.

At the end of the Symposium, Lucía Urbán López, jury President and Vice-President of the Foundation group Siro, has announced that the ceremony of delivery of the award will take place in 2016 at the headquarters of the Foundation, the monastery of San Pelayo, located in Cevico Navero, Palencia.

The jury of the 1st Edition of the "award group Siro research agri-food" has been formed by 15 experts in applied research and professionals specialized in agricultural/food development, belonging to the most prestigious national entities of scientific, technological, academic and institutional levels.

Siero Foundation was established in 2007 at the express wish of the owners of Grupo Siro, Juan Manuel González Serna and Lucía Urbán López.
The Fundación Grupo Siro is articulated around four foundational aims: the granting of scholarships for educational excellence to contribute to the formation of the children of employees, support for exceptional medical treatment for employees and their families, the promotion of the integration of people at risk of social exclusion, the recovery and enhancement of the heritage Artistic and natural environments where it operates.

To achieve the above purposes the Foundation makes, among others, activities of teaching, research and social action, in particular, promotion of research activities.
Tehnologies News
Siro group is a business group of the sector of food, with 100% Spanish capital and whose goal is excellence based on efficiency and innovation, from the standpoint of sustainable social commitment. Its strategy is based on the needs of all its stakeholders through alliances in the long run.
The group is present in Spain in the business of cookies, pasta, bread mold, pastry, pastries, cereals, co-product and r & d. In 2014 it had 563 million euros and has 20 Centers work, which involves more than 4,000 people.

Grupo Siro with Mercadona maintains a marketing agreement since 1998 as a maker of Squire. This agreement is based on trust and stability that have allowed deal with an investment of more than 300 million euros in the last few years, continue to grow and tackle projects to offer products with the highest quality at the best possible price to consumers.