Thursday, January 7, 2016

how to track a cell phone

Mobile phones have evolved a lot in a short time. Today can do with them almost anything, from reviewing e-mail to make impressive photographs. It also allows us to position ourselves thanks to maps and geolocation, as well as allow us to play in his free time, or being in constant contact with friends and acquaintances through multitude of messaging applications such as social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or Instagram, among others.

But if we don't take care of our battery, our smartphone - which both depend nowadays - can let us shot at any time - and that moment will be, almost surely, when you most need it-.

Therefore we have collected this series of tips or advice to lengthen the battery of our mobile phone that surely will help us to avoid those cumbersome moments where our smartphone leaves us hanging.

The screen is the part of our terminal that consumes more battery. Therefore whenever you aren't under a Sun that not allows us to see our display correctly, it is recommended to lower the intensity of the brightness. And when we see that we are running out of battery, the best thing to do is to lower the intensity to a minimum. This will help us save energy.

phone tracker
Normally we never close applications after use. Although they do not appear on our screen, these will continue to run unless we close them. Not having many open at the same time also will help us to save battery power.

Many of the applications of daily use like Twitter or WhatsApp recorded your geographical location. Whenever you use them, your device is connected to the GPS so that phone masts to determine its location. This has a great impact on the consumption of the battery. Disable GPS in times of need.

Now it is said that sometimes the cheap comes out expensive. Rhinestone boots - which can be purchased at any Chinese bazaar - are cheaper, Yes, but also last less and can damage the battery of your phone. It is better to use one original, although us costs more money, and achieve our battery to endure much longer.

Although they are much more comfortable, the nature of its technology makes to generate heat that can damage the battery pack or significantly reduce its useful life.

If let it be, virtually all apps from your terminal will want to send you notifications. But it consumes the battery of your mobile, so it is better that you only allow to send you notificacines those applications that you really use or need.

If you are running out of battery, maybe to save the few remaining you is to remove the vibration of the phone. You'll also save by removing the keyboard sounds.

If you are not using it, it is not necessary that you have connected the Bluetooth or wifi. You have them constantly lit consumes energy, especially the latter, we have almost always on by default, since the device will go searching for wifi networks to connect there by where you go. How much less antennas take burning, less energy need.

Whenever you can, browse instead of wifi with your phone card. As well as being more economical and save data of your rate, the amount of energy needed by the device is less.

The best time to update apps is when the phone is charging at night, connected to home wifi.

Each new version usually includes improvements to increase performance and lower battery consumption, so you have the latest version installed on our terminal will always be the best choice.

As a last resort - and if all else fails - you can buy an external battery that can help you if necessary. Them there are inexpensive, and they allow you to have the peace of mind that in a time of need, you will have your mobile OS. In addition, you can take them anywhere, so you don't run out of phone anywhere.